About Us


Debbie with Sara, 1976



 Sara with her daughters, 2013


Grass & Clovers is a  lifestyle brand- one of a kind and handmade clothing for women and children, art and soft home goods. Created by mother -daughter team Sara Sandler- Greisberg and Deborah Fell. 




During  the 1970’s while pregnant with  her daughter  Sara,  Deborah Fell created a patchwork quilt business called the “Strawberry Patch”.  Sara grew up absorbing and cultivating all the unique and creative ways in which to use these bountiful  fabrics . Once she had her sweet daughters Ava and Willa, she  began making clothes for them straight out of the very fabric bins she played with as a child.



The inspiration for the collection is the 1970’s quilt and craft movement- where the Grass & Clovers  seed was planted . Use of raw edges and  zigzag stitching  to intentionally fray  the edges directly pays  homage to that very important era. The free spirited childhood experience is what we strive to bring to the next generation of little free spirits!



Sara and Debbie worked together on  Grass & Clovers since 2009, creating unique, one of a kind appliques and artwork out of vintage and re purposed fabrics. Taking something old and remaking it into a new and modern way is s at the heart of  Grass & Clovers. Their “patchwork” fabric is created out of their own remnants-  virtually EVERYTHING in the design studio gets worked into the appliques. The ultimate in recycling!! 


Grass & Clovers focuses on quality construction, impeccable attention to detail, and unparalleled customer service. And of course, EVERTYHING is made with love! Grass & Clovers  can be found in better specialty stores throughout the country, as well as Canada and Japan.