I Fund Women Update!

I Fund Women Update!

Hey all!!! It's two weeks till LAUNCH TIME!! I am furiously working on all the amazing rewards I will be offering , discounts, amazing products, events, you name it!! In two short weeks  Grass & Clovers will be launching our very first crowdfunding campaign with I Fund Women. We are so excited, and can really use all the support of our most valued customers. More to come......!!



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  • Hi Sara – I’m a UK-based customer who adores your things and loves the work you do. I was so sorry to hear your mum died – she was obviously an incredible person. I have a question about one of your products – but I can’t seem to make the “contact” link work on this site. Is there a way to get in touch that’s not so public as leaving comments on your page? Thanks and best, Claire

    Claire on
  • Sara you are gonna rock this so hard! You were born with. I rage fabulousness in your blood! So proud to know you. chai, baby!! Www.ifundwomen.com

    Karen Cahn on

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