Thank You For Checking Out Our Site!

 I wanted to write you all ( whoever is reading this!!) a quick thank you for looking at our new website. It is a serious work in progress!  What we do at Grass & Clovers is a serious labor of love. Every single aspect of this company is home made- so we apologize if there are typos here and there, misspellings and the like- we will fix things as we go!

We love being creative and  making people smile. Finding a vintage fabric remnant can really get our creative juices flowing- a neck tie, a bow tie, a vest? Or maybe it can be the leaves on a flower  or a tree. We never know what route we are taking but we absolutely love the ride!

We hope you will come back soon and keep checking out our new things- we will be adding new, one of a kind items often so keep your eyes peeled!


Sara and Debbie

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